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Looks like Jerry Lewis isn't the only star who has won over the French. On Monday night, Lindsay Lohan took a breather from her Twitter-based efforts to help Haiti to share a caught-on-video lip-lock with a brave, if foolhardy, fella who has been identified as French actor Aurelien Wiik.

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The tongue-tangling reportedly took place during a shindig at the Church boutique in Los Angeles. In the video, the employment-deficient actress, 23, can be seen laughing and chatting while sitting on the floor with a lounging Wiik, 29, who reaches up and draws her down for a kiss, playing with her hair and cupping her face in the process.

When the make-out moment ends, Lohan satisfies her oral fixation needs by downing a Red Bull and popping a cigarette in her mouth.

So, was this just a bit of impromptu PDA or is something more going on?

"They are friends," an insider tells Wonderwall. "It's all about friendship."

Don't be surprised if Lindsay also dismisses the puckering session as a chummy smooch. Since her relationship with Samantha Ronson fizzled several months back, she has denied rumors linking her to everyone from Jason Segel to Balthazar Getty to Kevin Connolly to Jessica Alba's hubby, Cash Warren.

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As for Wiik, the Twitter profile listed under his name says he's a Los Angeles transplant who likes sports, live music, stand-up comedy and "cute girls."

Oh, and he and the leggings-designing starlet have a common interest: He wants to launch his "own T-shirt brand."

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Meanwhile, in other Lindsay news, Radar Online is drawing attention to the supposedly "fresh cut" she had on her arm while attending a pre-Golden Globes soiree on Saturday with mom Dina.

"Why is Dina out partying with Lindsay when it's clear she's still cutting herself?" fumes an insider (who, call us crazy, sounds suspiciously like Lohan's dad, Michael). "Dina should be getting Lindsay help, not following her to parties."

At the moment, however, LiLo seems to be focused on other people's problems. At In Style's post-Globes bash on Sunday, the starlet, wearing a sparkly hoodie beamed to Earth from the Starship Enterprise, told "Extra" that she's glad to be in a position to help.

"I think it's so important right now, especially [because of] what just happened in Haiti, for everybody to kind of look at themselves and look at the life that they have and be really grateful for what they have and do as much as they can," expounds Lindsay, who recently traveled to India to film a BBC documentary on child trafficking (and stuck her foot in it). "Especially if they have a voice."

And the mark on her arm? She says it's been there "for a very long time now -- it's funny it's just being noticed. I had surgery a while ago for an injury I had when I was younger, nothing having to do with depression or anything of the sort. Now back off, people! There are more important world issues to focus on!"

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