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Nicholas Brendon is in trouble with the law … again! According to Radar Online, the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum was arrested in Saratoga Springs, New York, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015.

Police were called after the troubled actor allegedly choked his girlfriend, an unidentified 33-year-old woman. He also apparently stole her car keys, tossed her cell phone into the street and threw a chair against the wall during the altercation at the Springs Motel near downtown Saratoga Springs.

"There was alcohol involved, although I can't specify how," a police spokesperson told Radar.

Brendon was reportedly charged with felony third-degree robbery, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of obstruction of breathing.

The erstwhile Xander Harris was arraigned in Saratoga Springs City Court on Thursday morning and held in lieu of $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond, reports Radar. He's due back in court on Oct. 6.

Sadly, the arrest was not Brendon's first dustup with local police during his time in Saratoga Springs. A police spokesperson told Radar that the actor also suffered two separate unspecified mental health incidents on Sept. 22 and Sept. 23.

Though he avoided arrest or citation during the first two episodes, the "Buffy" star was allegedly hospitalized on Sept. 23.

"He didn't have any physical injuries, but he was in need of care," a police spokesperson told Radar. "Let's just say he was having a really bad day."

The Sept. 30 arrest is the latest in a string of run-ins with the law for the trouble-prone actor, who has long struggled with drug and alcohol issues and spent time in rehab as recently as July 2015.

He's already been arrested three times in the past year: first in Boise, Idaho, in October 2014, then in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in February 2015, and again in Tallahassee, Fla., in March 2015.

Brendon was also Tasered, arrested and charged with felony vandalism after a drunken incident in Venice, Calif., in early 2010.

Most recently, he made headlines for walking off set in the midst of an August 2015 interview with Dr. Phil.

"When I was in that seat, I felt that Dr. Phil went for the jugular, talking about some of my recent mistakes, with no build up," Brendon explained on Facebook. "I felt that he wanted me to lay the darkest parts of myself on national TV right from the start, and I'm not willing to do that."

"My illnesses and addictions are a daily struggle for me, and I am committed to working on them for the rest of my life," he added. "A big part of that is focusing on positivity. I'm the first to admit I've messed up, a lot, and I've hurt people I care about and who care about me."