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Some people never learn. Rule No. 1: Never tattoo your spouse's name on your body.

OK, so of course there are exceptions to that rule. But with so many celebs splitting these days, inking over tats dedicated to lovers -- celeb edition -- could be the latest guilty pleasure reality-TV show and Nick Cannon is its latest star.

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When Nick went shirtless while DJing at a Hollywood nightclub on Oct. 2, 2014, it appears that he revealed that he'd covered the huge tattoo that read "Mariah" across his back with a new religious-inspired design.

The updated ink appears to be a large crucifix that was crafted by putting a pattern atop the ink he dedicated to his wife back in 2008 when they married.

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We're sure the cover-up was extremely painful, but laser removal would hurt tremendously as well.

The tattoo Mariah got in dedication to Nick, however, will be easy to cover up or remove if the singer chooses to go that route -- if she hasn't already -- because it's tiny. Mariah tatted "Mrs Cannon" on the thorax of a butterfly on her lower back.

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Mariah may not be known for her subtlety, but clearly she knows how to embody the characteristic when it counts.