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Yet more trouble for Nick Stahl. The "Terminator 3" star, 33, was arrested early Friday for alleged drug possession, LAPD tells TMZ. The website reports that the actor and two friends were busted in a Hollywood motel room around 5 a.m., where the trio were allegedly using crystal meth. Stahl and his friends were then taken into custody, according to TMZ's report.

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It's just the latest bad news for the actor; last year, who went missing in May and then briefly checked into rehab. He then checked himself out of the facility against doctor's orders and disappeared once again for several weeks. He was arrested last December at a Hollywood porn shop for allegedly touching himself in a private booth in what he called a "misunderstanding."

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Earlier this month, Stahl was placed on a 5150 or involuntary hold at a psychiatric hospital following an undisclosed incident.

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Just one day before this latest arrest, Stahl told TMZ that his most recent hospital stay had been "helpful."


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