When Pretty Little Liars returns for a fourth season on June 11, some familiar -- but not necessarily welcome -- faces return to Rosewood. In a sneak peek from the premiere episode, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) stops by her neighbor's house to say hello to Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker), whose daughter Alison may or may not have been murdered several years earlier.

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Just as Emily begins to rifle through some of Alison's belongings, Jessica steps outside to greet her. "It feels like home when you see a friendly face," Andrea tells Emily before going in for a hug. Emily then hands her friend's mom a gift basket.

Emily also seizes the opportunity to ask Jessica about her son Jason's whereabouts, given that he mysteriously disappeared from his hospital bed in Season 3. "He's down South renovating Grandma D's place," explains Jessica. "It's a beautiful house but she let things go -- and it smells like old people."

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"Ali hated that smell," Emily reminds her.

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Slightly taken aback, Jessica replies, "It's good to hear someone say her name. People avoid it. They're trying to be polite but it's not nice. It's weak."

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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