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Reese Witherspoon may be up for an Academy Award on Feb. 22, but she's in a fighting mood. Let's clarify: Sure, she'd love to win, but she's not scratching and clawing for votes. She's fighting. Literally. That's how she's preparing.

While many of Hollywood's biggest names will get ready for the big day with facials and manicures and other beauty regiments, the "Wild" actress is banged up.

"I just left New Orleans where I was shooting with Sofia Vergara, so I have literally like rug burn on my knees," Reese said at the 2015 Academy Awards Nominees Lunch on Feb. 3. "I have bruises up and down my legs from fighting with Sofia in this fight sequence, so that's basically how I prepare, wrestling with Sofia."

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That's not exactly a "standard" beauty regimen, but Reese joked that it works.

"It's good for your skin, [it will] get your muscles going," she said, adding that Sofia is "very tough. She's a tough girl."

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But getting dinged and scratched has kind of summed up Reese's acting year in a way. In a good way. While portraying Cheryl Strayed in "Wild," Reese endured long, brutal days of hiking that included a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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"I've never been so challenged before, physically, emotionally by a story," she said at the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon. "I'm older now, I feel like I really fought for this movie to get made and it was hard. It was a hard process, but it's so rewarding."

She continued, "All those days hiking up mountains and crossing freezing rivers carrying equipment feels very hard-won, but so rewarding."