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Any guy who dates Rihanna should expect his past to become fair game with the press. And that's exactly what has happened with her new squeeze, Los Angeles Dodgers player Matt Kemp, who is on the defensive over allegations that he behaved badly in a previous relationship.

Almost a year after the chanteuse was viciously assaulted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, Star magazine has unearthed a restraining order filed against Kemp in 2008 by his former live-in girlfriend, actress Felisha Terrell, who claimed he was "violent" and accused him of "constant verbal abuse and threats."

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"I feel very afraid for my safety," she wrote in court papers seeking the keep-away order. "He has repeatedly made me scared and gets in my face, asserting some power/authority ... I am fearful of his erratic behavior."

Terrell also maintained that the rising outfielder "brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. I am very fearful. He has other people calling me, stalking me."

The restraining order was issued on June 25, 2008, but it was lifted less than two months later, reportedly at the request of both Terrell and Kemp.

"I don't want to talk about Matt," Felisha tells Star. "That's all in the past."

Or maybe not so much when a high-profile Grammy winner is involved.

"Matt dated Felisha about two years ago and decided to end their relationship," his agent, Dave Stewart, explains to E! News. "She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it based on the fact that the statements made within were false. She has very recently said that she has no issue whatsoever with Matt and that she and Matt consider this to be a non-issue."

What's more, says Stewart, "Matt Kemp is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman."

A rep for Terrell echoes that assertion.

"During the course of the relationship there was a restraining order filed by Felisha but it had nothing to do with domestic violence and to be clear Matt was NEVER physically abusive to Felisha, nor did she fear for her life," her mouthpiece assures E!. "The restraining order was subsequently vacated. They both have moved on separately but remain amicable."

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An insider also offers an explanation for those apparent apartment drive-bys: Kemp was simply trying to ascertain whether Terrell was home so he could retrieve some of his belongings.

"Matt has never, would never, put his hands on a woman," insists the snitch. "His mother and grandmother are the most important people in his life. This rumor is more painful to him because of those relationships."

Rihanna, 21, and Kemp, 25, made their debut earlier this month with a grabby-hands-filled Mexican getaway, and they were all smiles while taking in an NBA game in Los Angeles last weekend.

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But according to Star, some of the singer's friends remain concerned about the budding romance.

"You'd think after what she went through with Chris, RiRi would be extra careful about learning the background of any man she gets close to," states a source. "It's almost as if she has a dark side of her own -- an attraction to bad boys."

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