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Say what you want about Robert Downey Jr., but the man knows to never violate "guy code."

In the mid to late '80s, RDJ had a very high-profile romance with Sarah Jessica Parker. Of course, the two eventually split and both eventually married other people, but that doesn't mean the "Iron Man 3" star wouldn't love to talk to his former flame.

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He won't, though. At least, not unless he gets permission from Sarah's husband Matthew Broderick.

While in New York chatting with shock jock Howard Stern, RDJ said, "I'll make a point of trying to see her while I'm here. I'd like to." Adding of Parker's husband, "I'll ask his permission. I just want to check in for a few minutes. I love Matthew Broderick."

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When the couple split more than 20 years ago, it was said that the "Sex and the City" star called off the romance over Robert's repeated and often-documented drug and alcohol abuse. RDJ implied that the break up hurt him, but he thinks that any hard feelings over the split are water under the bridge at this point.

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He said, "First of all, I respect both of them so much, and now we have to get past this conversation. For any situation like this, I think enough time has to pass. You don't have to make a big deal of it when the time is right."

In a moment of appropriateness -- which is hard to ever say when Howard Stern is involved! -- the shock jock suggested that the former couple do lunch and invite SJP's husband, as well.

"I'd love to have him there. I'll bring [wife Susan Downey]. Would you mind coming just to kind of mediate the whole thing?" he asked Howard. "It would be a natural extension seeing as you're a part of the conversation."