Here's a great way to kick off your weekend! Watch this truly hilarious parody video of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" (featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.).

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Thicke and Pharrell performed their catchy single, which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart this week, on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, June 13. They also debuted the "unedited" version of their sexy video to appease Kimmel and his sidekick, former parking lot security guard Guillermo, who joked that they were sad when their parts were excised from the video.

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"I was extremely disappointed when I saw it. Guillermo and I were supposed to be in it, but we were cut out," the host explained during his opening monologue. "Since they're on the show tonight, we were able to get the unedited version of the video and, no offense, but I happen to think this one is better."

The video starts out the same as the original, with a dashing, suit- and shades-clad Thicke crooning next to gyrating women in revealing white outfits. It soon takes a turn for the absurd, though, as Kimmel, wearing the same ensemble as Thicke, wanders in from the side. Seconds later, Guillermo, dressed in the same silver track suit as Pharrell, horns in from the other side. The jokesters spend the rest of the time shimmying and wreaking havoc as Thicke and Pharrell attempt to maintain the cool, sultry tone of the video.

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