Dressing a baby bump is no easy feat. Luckily, throughout her pregnancy, new mom Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- who gave birth to her first child, Lorenzo, on Sunday -- had a little bit of help staying true to her standout style. The pint-size Jersey Shore star, 24, consulted Jeni Elizabeth for tips on creating chic, fun maternity outfits. Below, the celeb stylist shares her fashion philosophy for expectant moms with Us Weekly.

I have had a lot of fun in my styling career. I have played with colors, taken risks with style and walked on the wild side with trends. Never have I had as much fun as dressing Nicole during her pregnancy! There was no shortage of amazing heels, skintight mini dresses, and fabulous sequin jackets. Her best accessory? Lorenzo’s tiny bump and her smile that spelled happiness and content.

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Here are some rules to live by when dressing fabulous, fashionable moms-to-be:

Not just maternity!

Most women think maternity clothing when thinking about their pregnancy. Not the case. Maternity clothing was not in our vocabulary while dressing Nicole. Nicole is super tiny, and the fact is, if you're not looking at her dead on, you would never know she was preggers! We were lucky enough to keep to her favorite designers and styles by just moving up a size! You can play around with larger sizes while still sticking to adorable dresses and even skinny jeans! Do yourself a fun fashion favor and don’t close yourself in the maternity box.

Heels still elongate legs!

Nicole loves her shoes (but really what woman doesn’t?) They have become a staple in her wardrobe, and it was super important to her that she still rock those amazing 4-inch platform heels. We managed to rock glitter height with every new look, and she never missed a beat in them! Shoes can be difficult at times during a pregnancy, with swelling and the extra weight. The key is moderation. Pick important dates, times that you are looking to showcase your amazing legs and go for the gold! Just make sure at home you are rocking your super cozy slippers -- your feet will thank you!

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Fitted is fabulous!

Some women wait their entire lives to have a child, so show it to the world. One look I absolutely loved was Nicole’s short black mini dress for Jay Leno. A lot of women tend to lean more toward flowy, loose-fitting dresses (which can be super cute as well). However, I just love the idea of showing that bump proudly. The fact that Nicole’s entire body has remained super tiny gave her the ability to look absolutely adorable in a formfitting cocktail long sleeve mini, topped off with a fabulous sequin blazer. She was just glowing!

Color is Key!

So many women swear by dark colors during their pregnancy. This would most likely fall under the category of "trying to look thin." Here’s the thing, you're pregnant: you didn’t just buy a Haagen Dazs truck. I must admit the first time I saw Rachel on Friends wearing a bright orange fitted tank with her amazingly huge belly, it made me smile. Don’t be afraid to rock fun bright colors. They naturally make people happy, and best of all, they call attention to the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you. Steer away from black and brown and embrace the happiness!

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Jeans are worth it!

I would say investing in one pair of maternity jeans could be the best purchase you could make. It doesn’t matter if they are skinny jeans or your favorite pair of Hudson bell-bottoms. Having that one pair of go-tos will make all the difference for you and how you feel on your "not so pretty days." You have that one pair for when you aren’t pregnant, and I am certain there will come a time when they become your goal jeans again. Just make sure that you have the pair that comforts you in the meantime!

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