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In Touch / WENN 1 / 8

Editors of the magazines at the center of Tom Cruise's latest libel battle will not have to reveal the identity of the anonymous sources quoted in stories suggesting the movie star is a bad father.

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The "Mission: Impossible" actor is suing In Touch and Life & Style magazines for $50 million after bosses published cover articles that led readers to believe Cruise had abandoned his daughter Suri following his divorce from Katie Holmes last year.

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Cruise's legal team, led by longtime attorney Bert Fields, wanted Bauer Publishing executives to give up their anonymous insiders, but Judge Jacqueline Chooljian refused to grant the request during a hearing in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

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However, Judge Chooljian did order Bauer bosses to enter their so-called sources into the record, so no "surprise" witnesses could be brought forward at trial.