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Taylor Swift, is that you?

The "Blank Space" singer looks almost unrecognizable on the new cover of Wonderland magazine with her usual pale skin being replaced by a tan shade and her blonde mane looking a tad darker.

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Photographed for the magazine by Thomas Whiteside, Taylor looks less like a pop star who sells out arenas and more like a Southern California surfer girl who makes her living in the waves.

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For the cover, Taylor showcases her freckles and eschews her red lips in favor of a semi-gloss sheen. It's Taylor like you've never seen her before.

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The new issue of Wonderland hits shelves on Nov. 13. The article, the magazine says, will focus on Taylor's new life as a pop artist, hidden messages in her songs and, of course, no article would be complete without talking about her love life ... or lack thereof, as Taylor apparently says.