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Has Lindsay Lohan finally gotten around to doing that charity work she's been yammering about for so long? So claims, which is convinced the fleshy-lipped, rapidly aging starlet's artistic adviser gig for French design firm Ungaro was done on a volunteer basis, as in, for free.

"Ungaro is not paying her at all to be a consultant for them," alleges a source. "Her team is working to get Lindsay some form of payment from the fashion house, but right now they will only give her free clothes ... Lindsay even paid for her flight and hotel in Paris."

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But that's news to Mounir Moufarrige, the big cheese at Ungaro, who tells the Times of London that Lohan was paid "quite enough" for her services, such as they were (designer Estrella Archs handled most of the actual work).

"It's expensive," Moufarrige says of hiring the tabloid topper, before acknowledging that her unpredictability and fragility have been "factored in."

Still, it seems some gratis duds were indeed part of the deal. According to the paper, when LiLo arrived in Paris for her collection's critically eviscerated runway debut, she cleaned out the Ungaro boutique, making off with nearly $150,000 in designer-wear.

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That Lindsay was able to leave the City of Light with overflowing suitcases appears to have blunted the impact of her nipple-tassel and heart-shaped pasties-accessorized line's ruthless reviews.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn't expect everyone to be completely loving the collection," she tells the paper. "It is the same with everything I have done. I knew that people were going to target me. I am a target. I don't know why I am, but I am, and I accept that. I just don't pay attention to it."

But the rock bottom-seeking cautionary tale may be making herself an even bigger target, according to the New York Post, which wonders whether she has a reality project in the works after spotting her surrounded by video cameras during Paris Fashion Week.

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"She was being followed by a camera crew wherever she went," a spy tells the paper. "We saw them filming her at the Vogue party and a bunch of other clubs around Paris."

Lohan's rep is mum on the TV rumblings, but perhaps this could be her way of telling her side of things.

"When I don't give people opportunities to write something, they make something up," sighs Lindsay. "It's flattering that they are that interested in me. They build you up to take you down."

That includes drawing conclusions about her frequent retail therapy. The New York Daily News says Lohan has a "new addiction" after spying her tearing through a Manhattan boutique last week.

"She was checking out very expensive boots and kept pointing to things that she wanted," recounts a spy.

In her defense, maybe Linds is just trying to stock her closet so she can politely refuse any footwear from mom Dina's forthcoming Shoe-han line due to lack of space.

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