The relationship between Alan Thicke's widow, Tanya, and two of his sons has officially gone up in smoke.

Tanya has been at odds with Robin Thicke and Brennan Thicke over the late actor's probate estate. The latest claim is quite astounding. According to TMZ, Tanya believes that the brothers are going after her because she won't let them start a pot farm on their deceased dad's land. Her attorney says that the boys want to convert the 11-acre property into a huge marijuana operation.

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The land is near Santa Barbara, Calif.

When Alan passed on Dec. 13, 2016, he left things "a little confusing," TMZ says. He and Tanya had a prenup which gives her a 25 percent interest in the ranch. In the trust, Alan also allowed Tanya to live out her life on the property.

The boys say she wants to challenge the prenup. Her lawyer says she's fine with it.

Alan and Tanya were married for 11 years and were together for 17 years.


The boys filed a lawsuit on May 16 in Los Angeles County Superior Court about the estate, saying they have "no choice but to bring this petition to honor the memory of their father, protect his legacy, and prevent his testamentary intentions from being undermined by avarice and overreaching of his third wife, Tanya Callau."


The Thicke boys claim she's threatened to make up false stories about them and leak them to the press if they cooperate. She has denied those claims.

Her lawyer told ABC News that she "has never threatened to take private family matters public and she never has. It is clear that Alan's sons have chosen this distasteful public smear tactic to bully Tanya, by stirring up the tabloid media, filing a bogus lawsuit, and refusing family mediation."