The bad blood between Alan Thicke's widow, Tanya Callau, and two of his sons is continuing, and now its her turn to sling a little mud.

In May, Robin Thicke and his brother, Brennan, filed legal documents claiming that Tanya was overreaching and trying to nullify her prenuptial agreement and get more from her late husband's estate.

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TMZ reported on July 13 that Tanya has now filed legal documents in which she not only claims that she's not trying to fight the prenup, but she also alleged that the brothers are only taking the matter to court to trash her in the media. She also said Alan's kids know that she's not trying to challenge the prenup.

Tanya, TMZ says, "wants the judge to see it for what it is ... a baseless concern."

Alan's widow reportedly signed the prenup four days before their 2005 wedding without a lawyer present. The prenup reportedly gives Tanya 25 percent of Alan's ranch, a right to live there and some of his other assets. She says that's all she wants -- no more, no less.


The battle between Tanya and the boys has taken several turns. In May, she claimed that Alan's sons were only going after her and trying to tarnish her name because she won't let them start a pot farm on their deceased dad's property. The boys have previously said that Tanya threatened to go to the tabloids and trash them if they didn't give her what she wanted from her late husband's estate, which sits on 11 acres near Santa Barbara, California.

The boys filed a lawsuit on May 16 in Los Angeles County Superior Court about the estate, saying they have "no choice but to bring this petition to honor the memory of their father, protect his legacy, and prevent his testamentary intentions from being undermined by avarice and overreaching of his third wife, Tanya Callau."

Her lawyer told ABC News at the time that Tanya "has never threatened to take private family matters public and she never has. It is clear that Alan's sons have chosen this distasteful public smear tactic to bully Tanya, by stirring up the tabloid media, filing a bogus lawsuit, and refusing family mediation."

Tanya was with Alan for 17 years prior to his death, and they were married for 11 of those years.