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The nasty divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken another turn for the gross and disturbing.

On Monday it was reported by celebrity website TMZ that Amber is now alleging that the actor accidentally cut off his fingertip in a fit of rage when he was smashing glass and plastic items during a fight in Australia. He then dumped his mangled finger into some nearby paint and proceeded to write on a mirror, the lettering being a mixture of blood and latex paint.

The website published photos of the gruesome finger, as well, and Amber used them as an exhibit in their divorce/domestic violence case.

The report states that the fight occurred in March 2015, about a month after Johnny and Amber tied the knot. Amber claims that Johnny was drunk and high on ecstasy when he broke several bottles against a window. He also smashed a plastic phone against a wall, she says.

At one point either a piece of glass or plastic cut off a portion of his forefinger.

At the time, Amber had finished a movie with Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny had accused her of cheating on him, although she strongly denies that. (According to her, he also accused her of sleeping with other men, of which she also denies.)

With Johnny's finger butchered, he dipped it in some blue paint that Amber had nearby and used the disfigured digit to write various words on a mirror, including "Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber."

The actress claims that Johnny didn't seek medical attention for 24 hours, preventing doctors from reattaching the fingertip. Instead, they used a flap from his hand to sew on a new tip, she says.

The new report comes a few days after a video was leaked showing Johnny angry and smashing a wine glass. The video was shot by Amber, and Johnny's team says it was a set up. She's denied that it was a set up.

A week prior to the video and the gruesome finger allegations, Amber arrived at her deposition an hour and a half late and didn't testify. There are multiple reports suggesting that the estranged couple is likely to settle the case quietly rather than let everything play out in the media.