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Ronda Rousey may have a long road to recovery after her surprising UFC loss to Holly Holm, but her hotness remains intact, according to Amber Rose.

TMZ caught up with Amber this week to ask if her fandom for the easy on the eyes fighter had waned in the wake of last month's fight, when Holly hocked fans by knocking Ronda out in the second round.

But Amber's affection for Ronda appears to be unflappable.

"I have lesbionic feelings for Ronda," the model told TMZ.

Asked if Ronda knows about Amber's feelings, she smiled and quipped, "She knows now."

Of course, Amber's girl crush won't exactly come as a shock to her fans. As the Daily News points out, the "slutwalk" advocate has a Ronda shout-out in her Twitter bio, which reads, "femininely bada-- as f---," -- a quote the Bantamweight fighting star famously said in reference to her insane physique earlier this year.

This week, UFC president Dana White urged Holm to fight Rousey, who remains on a medical suspension, in a rematch in July.

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