Some photos spill more tea than a tweet from Solange Knowles.

It's possible things weren't as harmonious as they looked between Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato on the red carpet of the Met gala on Monday, April 2.

It all started when Nicki posted a photo of herself standing with designer Jeremy Scott and Demi, but only tagged Scott. There were only three people in the photo and Nicki tagged one of them, which means it's fair to take that as a possible shot. At the very least it's suspicious.

Demi initially responded to Nicki's slight by commenting on the photo with a laughing emoji, peace sign and thumbs up.

She then posted her own photo from the night, showing Nicking giving extreme side-eye and Demi looking awkward and uncomfortable. She included the following caption: "This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met #cool #sofuckingawkward #notforme #sweatpants #forensicfiles #whatsgood."

Demi added,"p.s. some of y'all need to learn how to take a joke.. I'm obviously laughing at the fact that 1. I look incredibly awkward and 2. That the shade being thrown in this picture actually gives me life."

It didn't stop there, you guys. Demi respond to Nicki in another post on Snapchat. She used one of the distorted selfie filters to show herself contemplating life with the caption, "When you aren't mentioned in a post but didn't do s--t to the other person..."

Demi, 23, went to her first Met gala dressed in a Jeremy Scott design, with Jeremy Scott and Nicki Minajโ€”also wearing Jeremy Scottโ€”by her side. Even if things went a bit sideways with the rapper, we're sure it was still an above-average evening.

Nick, who so far doesn't like to back down from a fight, hasn't responded on any of her social accounts and maybe we'll never know if she intentionally rejected Demi. The most important thing is that we're all entertained.