Avicii's girlfriend, Tereza Kacerova, was understandably heartbroken when the DJ passed away on April 20 of apparent suicide, but now online trolls are making matters worse, even blaming her for his death.

Gabriel Olsen / GC Images

After the hugely popular DJ passed, Tereza penned a lengthy Instagram post that gave insight into their loving relationship — she said she even "harassed" her beau's friends because she didn't believe that Tim Bergling, Avicii's real name, was gone.

It seems, though, that Tereza is now the one being harassed, but this time by Avicii's sickest fans. Earlier this week, she shared a post on Instagram indicating that she's being trolled over his unexpected passing.

"A lot of vultures stepped out of the shadows. You have accused me of 'exposing Tim' to get 'fame and money' while throwing every insult under the sun my way," she said. "This is the most horrible time of my life. I'm drowning in all-encompassing sadness."

She said she has a hard time explaining to her young son that he will never see Tim again.

She wrote, "Yet all you are capable of is negativity. Sweet little comments like: 'Tim decided to check out because he was sick of you,' go beyond crossing all lines, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being such vile creatures… Strong words for anonymous accounts."

Tim, she said, would have been appalled with the trolls behavior.

"You think it's in ANY way acceptable to try and make this more painful for me than it already is? Tim would have wanted this, Tim would have wanted that…' First of all, you don't even have the right to call him Tim," she wrote. "Because as far as I know, Tim didn't know you exist. So sit down. He's Tim to me. To you he's Avicii."

She continued, "If you actually knew Tim, even in the SLIGHTEST, you would know he would be disgusted at your despicable behavior. He would be appalled. You know nothing."

Tereza said several haters have even messaged the father of her son and her friends hoping that they, too, will blame Tereza. In a quick bit of advice, she told the trolls to "seek professional help." She also said she feels pity for those hurling mean-spirited words her way.

"Regardless, nobody needs to read any more of the worthless trash you spew," she said, adding that she was turning off the comments on Instagram.

She finished by taking a jab at the haters, writing, "For those of you being mean, to me because you feel like we're competing for Tim - let's be clear — you were never in the game."