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A cast member from one of television's most popular shows has died of an apparent suicide in Ohio.

Lex McAllister appeared on season 14 of "The Bachelor," where Jake Pavelka was the man who all the women vied for.

Although her death hasn't officially been ruled a suicide, her family believes that to be the case, according to reports.

On Feb. 13, emergency personnel received a 911 call from someone around 2 pm claiming that Lex had overdosed on prescription pills. She was immediately transported to the hospital, where she remained in stable condition on life support until Feb. 16.

Then, the family says, her body started shutting down and they were forced to essentially pull the plug.

A member of Lex's family told TMZ that she struggled with depression and bipolar disorder.

Lex only appeared on the first episode of the Jake's season but her name was fairly well-known to the so-called Bachelor Nation when she spoke about about Jake's breakup with eventual winner Vienna Girardi, one the "villains" of the season.

Lex said it wasn't Vienna's fault that the romance died.

"I find it hard to believe that she is guilty of anything negative in the breakup," Lex said at the time amid reports that Vienna was putting herself out there for other men.

She said only fault was "falling in love with a man whose heart was clearly not available for her in the first place."

Last week, in Lex's final Instagram post, she seemed festive, wishing a friend happy birthday, sharing a collage of photos.

"Happy Birthday my longest running bestie," she wrote. "Our story began like most great stories: I hit you in the face with a baseball...love you. #bestiesforlife #birthdaygirl #30something #buddies."