Former "Bachelor" contestant Amanda Stanton has pleaded not guilty in her Las Vegas domestic violence case.


The reality TV fan favorite was not present in the courthouse on Wednesday when she was officially charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. Her lawyer entered a not guilty plea for her, TMZ reported on Oct. 10.

Amanda, who also starred on "Bachelor in Paradise," was arrested last month after she allegedly hit her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, during an argument. At the time, TMZ reported that security went to a hotel room for a noise complaint. While Bobby was talking to the security guard, Amanda shoved him. Security then called the cops, and she was arrested.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department / .

Amanda's rep said the whole thing was a misunderstanding and she thought she playfully shoved her beau.

"Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department," the rep said.

While Amanda seems to downplay the incident, authorities said the incident was much more physical than she's leading on. A police report stated Amanda hit Bobby while he was in bed. During the argument, which allegedly lasted for "hours," she swung the hotel room's telephone at him.

Bobby allegedly told police that she punched him and kicked him because she was upset that he didn't answer her calls that night.

Amanda and Bobby are still together.