Blac Chyna's dear friend and house manager has passed away after being taken off of life support.

Lorena "Patty" Hernandez has been hospitalized since late December, early January when she had a seizure while at Chyna's salon. The seizure caused her brain to bleed.

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According to The Blast, Patty passed away on May 16. Just days earlier, doctors declared her brain dead after suffering a third brain bleed, the report said.

Patty had apparently been showing signs of improvement over the past few months, and was even breathing on her own for a short time, but her conditioned rapidly worsened and she never recovered. It was then that the family made the decision to take her off life support, The Blast said.

Patty's family will donate her functioning organs.

Family sources told The Blast that Chyna has hardly been involved with Patty since the hospitalization.

The family also reportedly plans on filing a wrongful death suit against Chyna for allegedly abusing Patty and not providing worker's compensation, The Blast said.

For a time, Patty was one of Chyna's closest confidantes and was featured on her short-lived reality show, "Rob & Chyna."


After a GoFundMe page was set, Chyna's exes ponied up -- Rob Kardashian donated $10,000 to medical bills, while Tyga donated $5,000.

According to a GoFundMe, Patty suffered a stroke last July that left her partially blind. She was diagnosed with a brain AVM "Arteriovenous Malformation," something that was present since she was born. She continued to work against doctors order, saying she had to support her three kids.

When she was diagnosed, Patty, who also helped Chyna run her clothing line, was also pregnant.

In December, though, "Patty suffered a severe head bleed that left her unconscious, she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai medical center," the GoFundMe page said.

After a CAT Scan and a couple of days, Patty was forced to terminate her pregnancy in late 2017.