Brooke Hogan's beloved Pomeranian, Molly, is back home and safe after going missing for 24 hours.

Many feared that Molly may have been eaten by a coyote, as has been the case in the past in California's San Fernando Valley, where Brooke lives.

On April 19, though, the former reality TV star told TMZ that her favorite four-legged lady was fine.

"She's safe and sound. I have my little girl back," Brooke said. "She's super happy to be back. Her sister is super happy that she's back."

Molly went missing on April 17 while Brooke's friend was dog sitting. On April 18, Brooke frantically looked for her dog, posted several missing posters on social media. "She is my life," she wrote as she pleaded to her 240,000 Twitter followers.


Her pleas were rewarded.

"She was found crossing Sepulveda Boulevard like the little daredevil that she is by a wonderful family that took her in and made her feel at home," Brooke said. "She was eating homemade chicken and bottle water, and she was super happy."

The Good Samaritans, who live only a few miles from Brooke, posted a photo of Molly on a lost dog website, which Brooke was alerted to.

While in the care of the this family, Molly even found love.

"She actually made a boyfriend named Coco," Brooke said. "So needless to say she is grounded and also getting a lot of treats and a lot of loves."

On April 17, Hulk Hogan's daughter shared a black and white image of her and Molly reunited.

"I can finally catch my breath... my angel is home," she said. "Thank you to everybody that helped out. I am so grateful for my family and friends."