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One time, in the '70s, Bryan Cranston wasn't thought of as a world class actor. He was thought of as a real life murder suspect.

Yes, THAT Bryan Cranston.

The "Breaking Bad" actor recalled his brief brush with the law on the "Tonight Show" on Wednesday, telling Jimmy Fallon that he and his brother were once suspected of murdering a former co-worker.

"We took a two-year motorcycle ride across the United States in the mid-seventies. We picked up jobs here and there, and one time we were in Daytona Beach, staying for awhile and trying to earn some money, and we got a job at a Polynesian restaurant called the Hawaiian Inn," he explained. "We were waiters and the head chef was a guy named Peter Wong. Now Peter was a good chef, but a horrible person."

Bryan recalled that it didn't take long before he realized that he "hated" this guy, so much so that he and his brother would dream up ways to kill him (Bryan was thinking of slicing Peter). Turns out, someone actually did murder the despised chef. Coincidentally, around the same time that the chef was slain, the Cranston boys left town, so the time line seemed awfully convenient.

"Policemen came into the Hawaiian Inn and gather everybody who's left of the staff and they say, 'We'd like to ask you about Peter Wong. Anybody ever talk about hurting or killing Peter Wong?' And all of the waiters are like, 'Yeah, all of us,'" he said.

The police also asked if any other employees spoke openly about murdering this man and Bryan and his brother's names were brought up, as well as the fact that they had left town.

"They were looking for us. They put an APB [all-points bulletin] out on our motorcycles and looking for us, and we were somewhere north of the Carolinas by then," Cranston said.

For the record, Bryan denies having anything to do with the death of Peter Wong. Walter White's whereabouts at the time are still unknown.