Chris Hemsworth is looking different these days after a fresh shave.


The "Thor" star took to Instagram to show his nearly 15 million followers that he trimmed his beard into a mustache.

In a video posted to the social media site, Chris starts out looking like his normal handsome and scruffy self. As the electric razor first makes contact with his beautiful face, he expresses dismay and turns his face to show off a new hairless spot on his cheek.

Chris ends the video by looking at the camera with a "horseshoe" mustache, saying, "What's up?" and raising his eyebrows.

The new mustached look, which was done by hair designer Luca Vannella, is for an upcoming film role.

"Tryin to find the look for Bad Times at the El Royale written and directed by Drew Goddard," he captioned the video. "I shot one of my first films with Drew a few years back called Cabin in the Woods. He's one of my favorite people and one of the most talented in the game, this script blew my mind and the films gonna do the same πŸ‘πŸ‘#dirtymo @luca_vannella #missedaspot."