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Fifth time is the charm! Christie Brinkley is apparently ready to walk down the aisle, something she's done many times before.

A source tells Closer magazine that Christie wants to wed her boyfriend, John Mellencamp, in his hometown of Daufuskie Island, South Carolina in the fall.

She has been married four times before and has three children. He has been married three times before and has five children.

John, the source tells Closer, gives Christie the "love and respect she has never felt before."

The couple has only been together for six months but are often photographed together, and many consider them to be on a fast track toward marriage.

"They get a kick out of being in their 60s and considered hot property,' the source said, adding that they love the attention that their relationship gets. John's previous girlfriend, Meg Ryan, abhorred being photographed.

Christie and John have already discussed the long term.

"They've talked for hours about what they both want out of life, and if they're going to be together for the long haul, it's going to be as a married couple," said a source. "At least if John has anything to say about it."

After Christie's 12-year marriage to Peter Cook dessolved, she vowed to never get married again. However, after meeting John, she opened up to the idea.

"John is a throwback guy, he opens every door for her, and she loves that sense of chivalry," the source said.

Much like Christie, John loves to hold hands. The Closer source said this is "catnip" for the former supermodel.

John is also sentimental. On her 62nd birthday he splurged on a diamond and emerald necklace.

"Christie was very touched," Closer's source said. "She sees a future with him. They're going to have their day and the kind of wedding they want."