Christie Brinkley is still young at heart and in her thoughts, despite turning 64 years old last week.

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The forever-young beauty spoke to Closer Weekly about aging, saying she's hardly scared of it.

"I'm not going to let that number make me feel old," she said of her age.

The age of 64 was always something that Christie kind of feared because of the Beatles' 1967 hit "When I'm Sixty Four."

"That number, that birthday has always seemed old to me because of that song," she said, but added, "I'm going to make every effort this year to challenge myself. I might hike Mt Kilimanjaro! I think so."


We all know that adage that wisdom comes with age, but for Christie there's something else, too.

"The best part of being my age is not really caring what other people think," she said.

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On Feb. 2, the model spoke more about her birthday on Instagram.

"Everybody has a number that sounds old to them. I knew a lot of people who actually freaked out over turning 30 ! For some it's 50. And I do think 50 is a great time for reflecting on prioritizing goals. But for me, as a Beatles fan , that number is 64!," she said before writing some of the lyrics. "So today I say to 64. I'm not going to allow you to make me feel old . No way."

Aside from hiking a mountain -- maybe even Kilimanjaro -- she rattled off other things she hopes to accomplish, including learning a new language, sailing a sea and learning to "dance like Beyonce."

She also wanted to throw a party, which is what she did last week.

In a video posted from her party, she told her fellow partygoers, "Just one word of advice, 64 comes before you know it, so live each day like it's your last."