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It's gotta be the genes!

At 51 years old, Diane Lane still stuns and seems relatively ageless. She clearly passed along her good looks to her 22-year-old daughter.

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert appeared alongside her mother at the "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" premiere in New York on March 20 and certainly turned quite a few heads.

Eleanor has appeared alongside her famous mom at events before. Last November they attended the Women's Media Center Awards. She posted a photo from event to her Instagram.

"Equity and the intersectionality of experience are beautiful things," she said, "and ones we'll face head-on with the help and prowess of such genuine and driven ladies."

Her caption gave shout outs to her mom and Amy Schumer, whom she called, "glorious, influential, powerful and revolutionary women."

Like her mom, Eleanor needs no help in working it in front of the camera. In fact, Diane's mini me, whom she shares with her ex-husband Christopher Lambert, is a model.

In fact, last year, Refinery 29 called her a New York City "it girl to keep an eye on."

In a video with the website, she said, "I would say my style overall is relatively simple and comfortable, but I think that the most important part is adding in extra elements that make it interesting."

While attending NYU in 2015, Eleanor worked as a music writer for The Village Voice, covering everything from up-and-coming bands, to festivals and album reviews.

Diane's daughter, who apparently has a fascination with Hello Kitty (judging by her social media,) said she has a "relatively active lifestyle" in Manhattan. "I like to be very comfortable when I'm moving constantly," she said of her style.

Eleanor, who is represented by Wilhelmina Models, has appeared in a number of publications both nationally and internationally, including Elle Mexico and Paris Match and has worked with Mac cosmetics.

She's also walked the runway during New York Fashion Week for designer Chris Gelinas' fashions.

For all the guys interested in Eleanor, we have bad news. She appears to be taken.

Her Instagram feed is littered with images of her and her boyfriend Ben DiPietro.