Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' mind is set on getting to the bottom of the truth about the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors.

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Both Kylie and her rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott, have successfully remained mum on any and all pregnancy conjecture, so Ellen has made it her quest to discover the truth.

Things got going over Halloween when host of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" dressed up as "Karla Kardashian," the lesser-known member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

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"I've got a new baby bump under my lady lumps," Ellen joked on her show. "You know what that means: Either I'm pregnant or I put my butt pad on backwards."

Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian would later take the stage to say that they aren't pregnant, but for the other sisters, that mystery was just heating up.

When mom Kris Jenner showed up on the show just a week later, Ellen quipped to the famous momager that she has lots of "pregnant children right now."

But the seasoned reality TV matriarch was ready, replying, "Oh, I can feel where this is going. She's trying to trick me into confirming pregnancies."

When Ellen continued to push, joking that the 15th season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" will be the one where they "announce who's pregnant -- who's really pregnant," Kris kept her Kardashian cool, giving up nothing.

Not one to be easily deterred, and known to "just keep swimming," Ellen took another shot at confirming a pregnancy when Khloe came by to promote the new season of her show "Revenge Body."

Khloe proved that she would not fold under questioning while playing the game "Burning Questions: Pregnancy Brain Edition," stoically holding down the Kardashian secrecy fort.

"So your sisters have played," Ellen began, "Kim has played, Kendall has played and Kourtney has played, and the pregnant sister, Kylie, has not," she continued as Khloe tried to hold back a smirk. "But when she's here, she's gonna play."

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But all that Khloe would give her was a mere, "You're cute."

"She must be pregnant. There's too much secrecy around it," Ellen said. "Look at your eyes! Y'all, she's pregnant! I can tell by her eyes! I will make a bet right now that she is pregnant."

With all the tireless effort put forth by Ellen, hopefully there is a pregnancy confirmation at the end of the rainbow.