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Over the course of the current presidential race, Hillary Clinton has appeared on "Ellen." Bernie Sanders has appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Donald Trump? Not so much.

"I don't know if we've formally asked him," DeGeneres told E! News last week.

"I mean, he's welcome to come if he wants to come on. I don't think I see that happening. I don't know that he would do that. But I wouldn't say no if he wanted to be on."

DeGeneres has made no secret of her liberal stance on social issues -- or her disdain for "the Donald" and some of his views.

After Clinton won the California primary and became the presumptive Democratic nominee, a first for women in the history of American presidential races, DeGeneres praised the White House hopeful by digging a dig at Clinton's thin-skinned, orange-haired Republican rival.

Tweeting, "I've never been prouder to have a woman card. @HillaryClinton," DeGeneres was invoking -- and dissing -- Trump's claim that Hillary's success came only from her "playing the woman's card" in the race.

It wasn't the first time the show host had some fun at Trump's expense.

Back in March, she dedicated an entire (hilarious) segment of her show to spoofing Trump's use of debate time to talk about his male anatomy.

"During the last Republican debates," she said, introducing the clip, "two of the candidates started arguing about size. I wish I was talking about egos, but I'm not."

She then played a doctored version of Trump's "size" chatter in which his hands had been replaced by teeny, tiny little baby hands … if you catch her drift.

Trump last appeared on "Ellen" in 2007.