Former Disney star David Henrie arrested for possessing loaded gun at the airport

Former Disney star David Henrie was arrested at the airport after being found in possession of a loaded handgun.


The "Wizards of Waverly Place" star was booked into Los Angeles' Pacific Division Jail after security discovered that he was carrying the loaded pistol through LAX. David, who played Selena Gomez's brother on the show, was released on his own recognizance on Sept. 10.

After being released, David, 29, told TMZ he was the owner of the gun and said it was legal. He also praised the police officers for their professionalism.

The arrest came just a few days after David and his wife, Maria Cahill, revealed that they were expecting a girl.

"ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL. Im a Poppa!!!!!!! Im so overwhelmed with joy I had to share this with you guys. I'm already singing 'I Loved Her First'. That reminds me. Where's my shotgun? I don't have a shotgun. Someone get me a shotgun!" he joked, adding, "I can't wait to sit her down on a couch and tell her a 9 season story of How I Met Your Mother."

He had since edited out the reference to the shotgun.

David has remained close with Selena, and she even attended his April 2017 wedding. They also recently hung out during a Disney reunion.

In regards to the airport arrest, the actor told TMZ he will be releasing a statement that "explains everything."

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