Former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Phaedra Parks has officially finalized her divorce from Apollo Nida... This time, for real.

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TMZ reports that the official divorce settlement includes a parenting plan granting Apollo, who is currently incarcerated for money fraud, weekly phone calls with their two kids.

The duo will share joint legal custody, and Phaedra will have primary physical custody.

But according to TMZ, the exact specifics of the agreement are confidential.

Last year, Phaedra said that they were already divorced, but it turned out that wasn't exactly true.

Apparently, the divorce was granted by default in July 2016 because Apollo had failed to respond to Phaedra's filing. But in December 2016, he contested it on the grounds that he'd never been served or given a chance to respond.

He then filed for divorce from behind bars.

The split took another turn in March 2017 when a judge tossed out Phaedra and Apollo's divorce judgement.

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The judge sided with Apollo, noting that he was troubled by the fact that Phaedra intentionally misspelled Apollo's last name as "Nita" in her original paperwork and that it had been suggested that Apollo would attend future divorce hearings from prison, which was never a possibility, TMZ explained in a March 24 report.