"R&B Divas: Atlanta" star Keke Wyatt's revealed that her husband of seven years, Michael Ford, has left her while she's eight months pregnant with their ninth child.

Keke, also an R&B singer, posted an emotional video on Sept. 5 to announce the news. All of this is going on while Keke says one of her children has been battling cancer.

In her video, which equates to a meltdown, she claims that her husband told her he has trust issues with her and called her "an emotional wreck." She also claims that Michael has been telling other women that they are getting a divorce.


Keke implied that he's been fooling around with other women while making it clear that she is "done" with him. "Y'all can have him," she says.

Fans of the singer's may not be too surprised. On Sept. 3, she posted a video to Snapchat of what appeared to be her at a nightclub or concert with a friend. She said she was "going thru a hard time."

Keke and Michael's lives were documented on the reality show "Crazy for Keke," often showing them with their nine kids, several of whom that they share, and others they have from previous relationships.

In June, she posted a photo of them kissing, saying it was "true love."

"This is why we're at 9 babies πŸ‘Ά!!! MY MICHAEL JAMAR!!! HIS KEKE WYATT #truelove #real #LOVE #LOVERS," she said.

It was a few days after that that she took to Instagram to announce that one of her children has cancer.

"My child has been fighting cancer and lost all of their hair that they loved. It hurts me so bad," she captioned under a video of her announcing that she'd be shaving her head in honor of her child. "I need a complete healing for my baby…"