"Gilligan's Island" star Dawn Wells is hoping that fans of the beloved show will bail her out of a financial jam.

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TMZ reports that the woman who famously played Mary Ann Summers is about $200,000 in debt. A friend has now launched a GoFundMe so that the former TV star can move to an assisted care facility, "hopefully in the motion picture home that she likes," the GoFundMe page says.

It seems that Dawn has had some difficult health battles of late. She was recovering from a major surgery last year that "came close to killing her," the page says, she also broke her knee earlier this year.

According to the GoFundMe page, Dawn said, "I just don't know what happened! I thought I would be just fine, but apparently I'm not. I've found myself with no home, husband or kids. I thank god everyday that I have friends and fans who care or this whole thing would be too overwhelming!"


The fundraising page noted that Dawn got hit hard during the recession and lost almost all of her savings.

"Dawn needs $194,000 to help her move and pay her hospital costs as well as future expenses," the GoFundMe says.

A fundraising goal of $180,000 has been set, but after eight days, less than $2,000 has been raised.