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"The Good Wife" actress Melissa George is opening up about the alleged assault that happened last fall at the hands of her partner, Jean David Blanc, in Paris.

In speaking to Australia's "Sunday Night," she said her ex, whom she shares two children with, has taunted her and demeaned her with nasty messages.

"I receive text messages from him saying 'You're destroying my baby by breastfeeding him. You need to put your boobs in a bag'," she said. "(But) who decided to take a baby, who is being breastfed, from its mother?"

Last fall, though, the alleged violence was less verbal and more physical. Melissa said she and Jean had a nearly 30-minute fight.

"It started with him on top of me with my arms locked above my head. I used my feet to get him off me for five minutes. I wet the bed. I wet the floor. I just went into a crazy... I fought as hard as I could," she said. "He pushed me into the door, and then struck my face and I hit the wall and fell on the floor and I was out. Just out. And he stood over me and said, 'Now you're a real actress'. And I was like 'OK.'"

After the fight ended, she took an Uber to the police station.

Both she and Jean were found guilty of assault -- he has said that he acted in self defense after she began "hysterical." They have been engaged in a bitter custody battle since splitting.

She now says she's stuck in France, but wants to return to her native Australia.

In a statement, Jean said much of what the actress says is "inaccurate" and alleged that she tried to "secretly leave [France] with our children without my consent, which led me to file a criminal complaint for kidnapping attempt.''