Helen Hunt has called it quits with her boyfriend of 16 years, according to a new report.

In Touch magazine didn't specify when it ended for the Oscar-winning actress and producer Matthew Carnahan, but a source said it wasn't exactly amicable.


"The breakup was very messy," a source said, adding that Helen "was convinced Matthew had strayed. She had been suspicious for a long time that something was wrong. But he insisted he didn't betray her."

In the end, Helen wouldn't find a way to trust Matthew, who created Showtime's "House of Lies."

"Friends were shocked. Helen and Matthew always appeared to be super in love," the source said. "Their married friends would joke that they were jealous of their relationship."


The mag reports that things weren't always what they seemed on the surface and that they really stayed together for their daughter, Makena, 13.

"Matthew moved out a few times over the years," the source said. "Helen would always take him back, and then time would pass and she'd kick him out again."

Helen and Matthew began dating in 2001, but their romance, while well known, went relatively under the radar by media standards.

"I live a boring life by the standards of any of those magazines for sure," Helen told ABC in 2014. "I see my friends, I meditate, I spend time with my daughter. I get happy, I get sad. But I do all of that in a warm, quiet cocoon I guess."