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The weight can wait. On Aug. 7, former reality TV star Holly Madison gave birth to her second child, Forest Leonardo Antonio.

She has said that she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, but she is in no hurry to get her pre-baby body back.

"I'm going to get healthy, but I'm not going to focus on how fast I'm losing weight," she told People magazine. "I don't have a time limit."

When she was pregnant with Forest, she said her diet wasn't exactly dedicated to health, but more convenience.

"I was eating junk food and ordering a lot of Postmates," she said. "I spent more on Postmates than I did on groceries... I was a Shakey's Pizza regular!"

Now, though, "I feel different," she told the mag. "I'm not used to feeling like this. But I don't feel the pressure. I'm just going to get healthy."

To look at her now, she looks great, but the blonde bombshell said it's all magic.

"There are tight undergarments and smoke and mirrors!," she joked.

Not only has her body been affected by her new baby boy, but her sleep schedule has, as well.

"It's been nice. Not a lot of sleep, but it's been nice," she said. "I just put the month aside to try and get a new routine with the two kids. I thought I'd been through the baby thing before [with Rainbow Aurora, 3,] and I'd got it down, but juggling with the two kids is something new … It's a learning process for sure."

Both Holly and her husband Pasquale Rotella are over the moon with the addition to their family. Rainbow is pretty excited, too, but still figuring it out.

"[Pasquale] was excited to have a son," she said. "He's excited to buy him sneakers. He was really doting on both kids. It's more about the dynamic of finding balance. He's always concerned with making Rainbow feel included and giving her attention."

She continued, "Pasquale and I have been talking to her about getting a brother or sister long before I was even pregnant. We were trying to get the idea in her head, like, 'You're not the only one, so chill!' And we got some gifts from friends, like 'I'm a big sister'-type books. Those helped a lot."