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Kanye West makes Kim Kardashian's temperature rise!

Kim shared 20 things about herself on her website on Feb. 3, and one was the moment that she knew that Kanye was the one.

While we all expected an extravagant gift or gesture, it turns out that it was just turning the heat up.

"I love only hot rooms and hate when the air conditioning is on," Kim shared. "I knew Kanye and I were meant to be when I slept over and he had the heat on."

But this wasn't the only surprising detail we learned about Kim. She also shared how she sleeps with her eyes "slightly open" and admitted this "scares the s--t out of people."

Her list of things further included what we don't typically see in her photos. She revealed that she has a freckle on her eyeball and six piercings-- "one bellybutton, one in right ear, 3 on my left lobe and one really high on left ear."

All of these fun facts show that the reality star is slowly starting to share about her life again after months of keeping a low profile following her Paris robbery incident in October and her husband's hospitalization in November.

Just a couple of days before this list was published, Kim testified about her robbery at a New York City courthouse.

"They have a lot of evidence that's not out there in the media," a source told Us Weekly. "Kim is anxious to get this behind her but remains appreciative to the French authorities who have been really thorough and she's happy justice is going to be served."

In January, Paris police arrested 17 people in regards to the robbery and charged 10 of them.