Charles Sykes/Bravo 1 / 5
Charles Sykes/Bravo 1 / 5

Who knew! "Real Housewives Of New York" star Sonja Morgan once had a fling with the one and only Jack Nicholson.

The reality TV star made the reveal while appearing on "Watch What Happens Live." While playing a game on the Bravo show, host Andy Cohen displayed pictures of well-known men and asked Sonja if she would be interested in them. When the image of the legendary actor was shown and Andy asked if she would date him, she laughed and said, 'Have I?"

An astounded Andy replied, "Have you?"

Sonja skirted the issue of how long her relationship with the notorious bachelor lasted, but described it as "so much fun."

Fellow guest Michael Rapaport pressed her for details and continued to ask if she really dated Jack, whom he called a "national treasure."

"Who hasn't? Who hasn't?" Sonja said. "Don't forget how old I am and don't forget those days before cell phones and the old answering machines!"

Andy then pressed her on the romance, asking if she and Jack had more than one evening together.

"One big sloppy mess whenever we could," she said.

Sonja has an interesting dating history, even once dating Prince Albert of Monaco. Her website says she's also had "escapades" with Eric Clapton, Richard Lewis and John McEnroe.

Her website also features an older image of her and now-President Donald Trump. Naturally, Andy asked if they had dated.

"No, we're friends," she said. "We always were friends, and I went to his wedding, his ex-wife Ivana's wedding, and friends separately. Friends of the family!"