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Another day, another rant by "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans.

We're all used to this by now, right?

The reality star, who is expecting her third child, got into a bit of a tiff with Nikkole Paulun, who appeared on Jenelle's season of "16 & Pregnant." In a Facebook post Nikkole basically said that "Teen Mom" isn't exactly real life, arguing that the moms on the show are highly paid, and that they don't really know what it's like to struggle to pay the bills and raise a child at the same time.

"Nikkole Paulun that's not true at all actually. We struggle just as much as any moms. The richest parents in the world still have challenges raising their children. No one intentionally does this to be on tv and actually teenage pregnancy rate has dropped since this show has been on the air," Jenelle reportedly wrote.

"Not to mention you were on 16&P and didn't sign to teen mom just becuz your mom wouldn't let you. So there's that," she said. "I LIVE at the beach… Sorry it seems to be like a vacation everyday to you."

Several people blasted the oft-troubled star, saying she's struggled with many things that weren't completely fiscal either. As she often does, she addressed her critics in a strange, somewhat confrontational way.

"Yeah that's true but we financially struggle as well.. everyone thinks our lives are just full of money," she said. "We pay hundreds of thousands in taxes every year, we cannot get government assistance, if we go to school we pay in full and cannot get financial aid, can't get WIC [federal support for low-income pregnant women and children], food stamps, section 8 (which makes us pay rent in full on top of water and electric) , if your credit is bad like mine was then you cannot finance even a car for your family and take more money to buy a car in full."

Jenelle has since deleted her posts.

Nikkole seemed taken aback by the whole thing, saying she didn't know why Jenelle even got offended in the first place.

Jenelle is a mystery, Nikkole. Always has been, always will be.