Jessie James Decker's younger brother, John James, suffered a seizure while he was driving and was involved in a serious car accident.

He is now recovering.

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Jessie's brother spoke to E! News about the episode, saying he he was driving to the gym when "all of a sudden" he started having a seizure.

"The only way I can describe it is that I was screaming in my own head but couldn't control my body," he said. "I remember thinking there was nothing I could do. I was conscious, but it was the smallest amount of consciousness I can describe. I had no idea what was happening. One minute I felt super healthy and on top of the world and the next my car was totaled."

Jessie's brother said he feels "lucky to be alive".

"I am all about health and fitness," he said. "I own a health and fitness company so this is the last thing I expected. I don't have a history of this, it was a complete crazy thing that happened."

The accident has given him a different outlook on life.

"Here's what people don't understand," he said. "We all know we're gonna pass away one day, but I guarantee you if you really lived like you could die any minute, then you'd live a hell of a lot differently."

Jessie has not commented publicly on her brother's accident.