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Jodie Sweetin's ex is trying to milk the actress for a lot more money for child support, now that she's making a boatload from "Fuller House," among other things.

Jodie and Morty Coyle, her third husband, finalized their divorce in September 2016. At the time, the actress said she was making $4,000 a month and a judge decided she would not have to pay him child support for Beatrix, the 6-year-old daughter they share.

That was then, Morty claims, but this is now.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Morty claims Jodie makes at least $600,000 per year, with income coming in from the "Fuller House" Netflix series, residuals from "Full House" and other projects, including the reality show "Hollywood Darlings" and her jewelry line.

Morty, who Jodie married in 2012, said he only takes home about $2,000 a month. Jodie filed for legal separation just 15 months after marrying.

According to the recent court documents, the actress' ex now wants the court to award him support for their daughter, based on Jodie's increased income. In addition to the additional support, he also wants her on hook for $7,500 of his attorney fees and $5,000 for a forensic accountant. The accountant, he says, is to keep tabs on her future earnings.

At the time of their divorce, they were awarded joint legal and physical custody of Beatrix, but Jodie was required to pay Morty $10,000. They also were required to divide up the income made throughout the union.

Jodie is now engaged to boyfriend of three years, Justin Hodak.