Location, location, location…is reportedly at the heart of the Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux split, according to TMZ


An NYC neighbor of "The Leftovers" star told TMZ that while he has no qualms with Aniston, isn't so affectionate of Theroux, and feels sorry for the former "Friends" star for having been made to live in a [expletive] hole.

Norman Resnicow explained to TMZ how Jen's always been good to him and he actually feels badly for the star, because he believes that Justin apparently forced her to like his NYC pad and then skipped out on her because she wasn't feeling the spot.

The neighbor added that "Everyone knows Jennifer hated the place," and guesses that the "The Break-Up" star obtained top legal assistance to shield herself from Theroux, "who is acting crummy to her like he did to me." He even went on to say that he's pushing for Jen, as she named her most favored dog Norman.

Resnicow has his own legal battle with Theroux over apartment issues, adding that "The Girl on the Train" actor has a lot of audacity because, "Hey, I'm the guy he asked to help ease moving of his previous girlfriend out of the building."

TMZ also reports that Norman recently filed new documents in his legal war, saying that water damage from Theroux's pad has leaked into his living room, causing it to get moldy, and that it's so bad he's now taking medication to remedy the effects.

Multiple Reports have been claiming that a disagreement about where to make their lives together was the main catalyst of the separation, with Justin favoring NYC, while Jen preferred her Bel Air mansion.