Kathie Lee Gifford may not be single forever.

More than two years after her husband, Frank Gifford, passed away, the TV host hasn't ruled out romance in her future.

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In an interview for Prevention magazine, which was conducted before the recent passing of her mother, Kathie Lee said, "My mother asked me that just the other day. She said, 'Would you be open to love again?' I said, 'Mom, I'm open to anything the Lord has for me at this point in my life.'"

Kathie Lee has not been publicly involved in a romantic relationship since Frank died at the age of 84. They were married for 29 years.


Still, if she's going to date -- and she's made no guarantee that she will -- she knows that time is of the essence.

"[Age] matters for me now, because I do the math for the first time in my life," she told the magazine. "I'm really aware that time is precious and finite and that I'm going to run out of time for some of the big things I want to do."

At 64 years old, Kathie said she's learned a lot about herself and she likes the person she's become.

"What I like best is that I wish and pray for the best for others. I can offer hope to people," she said. "I also know what I don't like about myself. I can linger in self-pity at times. The second anniversary of my husband's passing recently took place. People say, 'I'm so sorry you lost your husband,' and I smile at them and say, 'Oh, I didn't lose him. I know exactly where he is.'"


The iconic TV presence said bemoaning gets you nowhere and that life is about perspective.

"I'm healthy, I'm employed, my kids are awesome, life is good. I'm grateful," she said. "I think the most important reason to love your age is to be grateful for everything. If you grieve what you've lost in life at the expense of being grateful for what you have, you might as well take a dirt nap."