When Kim Kardashian West's Instagram page became flooded with extremely sensual black and white photos over the weekend, many people thought her phone was hacked or she was severely inebriated. But, all was well (and sober) in Kardashian land, despite the fears.

"I don't think I've ever gotten so many text messages from friends asking if I was drunk, LOL!" Kim said on her site after sharing her cache of snaps.


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Kim and her husband, Kanye West, were at a friend's wedding in Miami and they got into the mood… No, not THAT mood, but more of a social media mood (Ok, and maybe the other mood later.)

North and Saint's mom detailed the night and the accompanying photos on her subscription-based website and app on Wednesday.


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"It's been a while since our friends have been together and all dressed up, so we were just feeling inspired and wanted to take fun pics," she said, adding, "it was a different way to capture moments from the night."


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The evening was certainly festive, and even included Kanye humorously interrupting a wedding speech, ala his infamous Taylor Swift moment, but it was all in good fun this time. For Kim and her friends, they just wanted to capture the evening in a way that wouldn't be done by a professional photographer.

"We were all so into snapping and coming up with different ideas," she wrote. "Even though Kanye doesn't have an Instagram, he does the best job taking photos and choosing the right angles."


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After the wedding, some of the wedding party went to Soho House, where they saw David Beckham. "We had to add him to the story with a picture of his and Kanye's tattoos," Kim wrote.


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However, there was one particular image, a close up of Kim's breasts, that prompted her mom, Kris Jenner, to think that her daughter's phone had been hacked, although it certainly isn't unheard of for Kim to share a revealing image of herself.


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"My mom even called me, frantic, when I posted that close-up photo of my boobs, asking me where it came from," Kim wrote. "She thought someone had hacked my phone. I said, 'Relax, I posted it!!!'"