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Talk it out. Kristin Cavallari and her husband, NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler, are in therapy, and they're not ashamed to admit it.

"I'm not ashamed to say that Jay and I consistently go to therapy, because it's been extremely beneficial for our relationship," the expectant mother told American Baby. "For example, when you're fighting you should never place blame on your partner by saying, 'you do this' or 'you do that.' You should say how those actions make you feel. It goes a long way."

Kristin, already a mommy to Camden, 3, and Jaxon, 17 months, is close to adding to her brood, as she and Jay are expecting a girl soon.

"She's going to steal Jay's heart, which will in turn melt mine!" she told the mag. "I'm excited for the boys to grow up with a sister. I think it will help them to better understand and respect women."

She's also excited to find out how her little one will add to their melting pot of family personalities.

"Every child is completely different. My two boys are opposites. Camden was such an easy baby. Jaxon is more of our rebel wild child, but he's also a mama's boy," she said. "Our little girl will have her own personality. I know I can't change who they are. It's important to let kids be themselves and to let them make mistakes. Self-discovery goes a long way."

One thing they already know, though, is their girl's name. She's named after a dog (really!)

"We picked out this baby girl's name when I was pregnant with our first," she told Cricket's Circle. "I met a woman and her dog, and I loved her dog's name. Funny enough, it was the name she had picked out if she had a girl, but she had boys, so she used it for her dog instead."

Kristin doesn't plan on changing how she parents with their baby girl, either. She decided long ago that her kids came above all. That mentality, she said, has actually helped her in the business world, too.

"Once I had kids, I made a conscious decision to make them my top priority," she said in her book. "I want to take them to school, to mommy-and-me music class -- I want to be there."

She continues, "This means I can't take on as many business endeavors, which has actually helped my career. I have to love and wholeheartedly believe in anything I do, which is a really great feeling."