Reviews for Kylie Jenner's lip kit got pretty sticky after some recently received the gloss.

Makeup artist Jeffree Star took to Twitter to express that the glosses, which are in high demand, have "unacceptable" brushes.

Jeffree gave an honest review on April 15 and showed the frayed wand from the lip kit. "SO disappointed in the product," the beauty guru tweeted.

It did not stop there though as many fans expressed that their wands were in the same condition, and so Jeffree called out Kylie for selling a product like that.

Kylie Cosmetics must have seen these wand images because Jeffree's review was taken to heart. The brand not only tweeted that the wands have been altered to be "more comfortable" but that "production was stopped" in order to fix the problem.

And for everyone who ordered a lip kit on April 1, the company confirmed that they will be getting new brushes.

While some fans were happy with Jeffree's review, the makeup pro did get some heat from Kylie fans for bashing the reality star and had to clear the air that there's "no beef" between them.

As for Kylie, she has been retweeting fans who support her lip kits and who are praising her for "living and learning just like everyone else."

Since she launched the lip kit line last November, it's been hard to get your hands on one. Her last mattes re-stock sold out in just under 15 minutes, and when she released new metal liquid lipsticks on April 15, they sold out almost immediately too.

If you go on the site right now, you'll just see a bunch of black circles with "sold out" in white font next to the lip products that range from $15-$29.

Kylie is such a fan of the product that she even applies it on her friends.

At Coachella, she applied her new metallic lip kit on model Bella Hadid and got one more fan of the product.

"Gettin my baby's lip kit onnnn! The most fire lipstick ever. Love you muffin," Bella captioned the pic.

If you're not a friend of Kylie's, it's going to be more of a challenge to try out the line.

According to the site's FAQs, they "aim to restock every week, but restock dates vary depending on product availability."

You'll just have to keep your fingers crossed, your lips unglossed, and check out the Kylie app and website for restock information.