Kylie Jenner wasn't always totally set on the name Stormi Webster for her daughter.

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The new billionaire spoke about her precious daughter during an Instagram Live video on Tuesday and was hesitant to reveal what names she considered for her 13-month-old girl, saying she may still want to "use those one day."

But, she then decided to share one of her leading name contenders.

"One name I will tell you guys, because I don't think I'm ever going to name my daughter this (another daughter), but I wanted to name her Rose," Kylie said.

Why Rose? Well the reality TV star just "really liked that name." She added, "Shout-out to everyone named Rose."

Rose, she said, was actually her third choice. Kylie didn't reveal what her second choice was, but said, "It was a very weird name, but I love it. It just didn't work for her."

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There was a thought that the newborn could be named "Storm," but Kylie wanted the name to end in a similar way to her own.

"When I was pregnant, I used to call her 'Stormie'—when I would talk to her in my belly," she said. "It just always felt right." When she was filling out the birth certificate, she dropped the "e" at the end, calling it a "last-minute" decision.

Stormi, Kylie feels, "chose her own name." She then added, "I just couldn't imagine any other name other than Stormi."