The last thing stars want to worry about is a massive zit on their face before heading out to celebrate Hollywood's biggest night, the Academy Awards.

Enter celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, who treats big names like Victoria Beckham ...

@victoriabeckham / Instagram

He claims that nominees, such as Lady Gaga, Emma Stone and Glenn Close, have all signed up for his pricey emergency pimple clinic ahead of the big show on Sunday, Feb. 23 .

"I'm on call for my clients 24/7," he told the Sun. "And this year there will be 18 Harold Lancer faces on the Oscars red carpet, three of those are nominees."

At $500 a pop (literally), Dr. Lancer's process includes injecting local anesthetic before draining a blemish from the side to ensure it's invisible. He then uses a laser to reduce redness and applies an anti-inflammatory cream for swelling.

The doctor says that he has his pre-Oscars pimple clinic down to a science, starting with treatments months in advance and up to hours before the red carpet.

"There are months of priming: skincare, polishing, radiofrequency, lasers, peels and all sorts of toning procedures," he revealed. "Then, say 12-hours before blast-off, there's a stress-induced blemish, they'll come into the office at 4 or 5 a.m. on Oscars morning for what I like to call my emergency pimple clinic."

Other notable stars that have paid Dr. Lancer's office a visit?

Channing Tatum stopped by less than a week ago to get his skin red-carpet ready with a facial by one of the doctor's associates, Louise Deschamps, who has worked on the likes of Beyonce, Tina Fey and Ryan Seacrest.

"Always a pleasure prepping @channingtatum's skin for award season," Louise wrote on Instagram. "Facial by @louisechamps #LancerGlow."

Dr. Lancer's client roster also includes Jennifer Lopez, Caitlyn Jenner, Cardi B, Megan Fox and Dakota Fanning.