Talk show legend Larry King feels that Julie Chen Moonves did the right thing by standing by her husband, former CBS CEO Les Moonves, who was featured in The New Yorker in an article by Roman Farrow, where six women accuse him of harassment and intimidation. Later, in a September article, six more women brought more accusations against the fallen TV mogul, dating back to the 1980s. Moonves has said in a statement that he denies all sexual misconduct allegations.


On Thursday, amidst the accusations, Julie Chen signed off of the CBS show "Big Brother," which she has hosted since its debut, for the first time ever with: "I'm Julie Chen Moonves."

TMZ caught up with Larry and his wife Shawn in Beverly Hills, leaving ritzy Italian restaurant Madeo on Friday, where King said he's known Les for a longtime and supports what Julie did.

"I think she' a standup girl…she's his wife…I've known Les a longtime," King told TMZ. "I like Les. I don't like what happened 20 years ago. I think those things if true are terrible, but she's his wife."


During the TMZ interview, Larry turned to his wife of over 20 years, Shawn King, and asked what she would do?

"I agree with Larry," she said, adding, "she's his wife and if somebody had said something about Larry I would stand right by him."

Larry then breaks into the country classic "Stand By Your Man," turning to and crooning it live for his wife.

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